We enjoy drinking them! There’s a strong sense of pride here in this town, like a lot of the other South Shore towns. If they’re pro-brewery, then they’re going to make sure that the roads are kept up or they’re gonna make sure that we don’t run into any issues with permitting and licensing, things of that nature. A prominent South Shore homebrewer for years, we greatly anticipated his arrival in the greater Boston craft beer scene. They sell all of their beers exclusively out of their taproom, and have gained quick acclaim from beer publications such as Hop Culture Magazine, who named them the ‘best brewery of the year’ in 2019. They can’t help us any more than they have. Recent Activity. Sun 20th • 12-8pm . AC: When you have that many breweries in such close proximity to each other, the more successful one brewery is, the better it is for all the others. The teams at Divine Barrel and Vitamin Sea became friends last year when Divine Barrel headed to … Vitamin Sea Brewing was building its business largely by selling pints from its taproom and cans to go, only to learn it would survive by selling cans from its parking lot. That’s something that we face a lot. We’re not the only ones doing it, and we’re probably more conservative with ours then a lot of people. Microbrewery in Weymouth, MA - Vitamin Sea Brewing serves craft beer near 02189. Andy Crump: I remember, when we were in line chatting [at Copenhagen Beer Festival ‘16], you talked about how you were going to open up your own brewery. 366 talking about this. The spaces that are marked with cones should be considered “no parking”. Liked this article? But people just put their arm around your shoulder, like, “Alright, what can we do to help you out?” That’s…that’s an awesome, awesome feeling, as corny as it sounds. TO GO ONLY. Really. Breweries want people to come to them. Tastes just like breakfast. Burke's Alewerks. Vitamin Sea brews excellent beers, but the character of the brewery team is what makes the South Shore brewery one of the best in the country. See All Activity. Vitamin Sea Brewing is a Weymouth-based small batch brewery specializing in quality IPAs, Sours, and Stouts. Although we do see lines at opening we do our best to get people through them as quickly as possible. No! Vitamin Sea / Humble Sea Seas Are Tight. Our taproom in Weymouth features twelve taps covering a wide range of styles from IPAs to stouts and even cold brew… It has a coastline. Lagunitas Super Cluster. We want people to really know when they have one of our beers, whether it’s a stout or an IPA or a sour or whatever. But then you also have the problem of distinguishing yourself and getting people to come to you. They are located in Weymouth, MA, just south of Boston. Vitamin Sea Brewing is as good as everyone says it is. Production Brewery and Taproom 30 Moore Road in Weymouth MA. People say, “Well, with the name…” But we still have a coastline here! There is also on street parking allowed on Moore Road. Vitamin Sea Brewing. About Vitamin Sea Brewing. The beer, of course, is one of the reasons why Funari and his brewery have such a loyal following, and why Hop Culture named Vitamin Sea 2019’s best brewery. We do. Dino Funari, cofounder, Vitamin Sea Brewing in Weymouth, Massachusetts “Blue Comet from Widowmaker Brewing in Braintree, Massachusetts, is an IPA that I search out whenever they release it. Vitamin Sea Brewing Weymouth, MA. So it’s been quite a road for you. AC: Yeah, that’s really the model. Vitamin Sea Brewing co-founder Dino Funari has operated for just over a year. And Article 15 has their own specialty, just to name the three in this town. It has Citra, Amarillo and Sabro hops. I’m lucky to have the partners that I do, and we all have our roles and everybody just runs with what they need to do. We have a stretch of around 11 breweries from Braintree to, say, the Sagamore Bridge; we call it the South Shore Beer Trail. All our packaged product is sold to the taproom. Established in 2017. Obviously a town that’s welcoming to breweries, that starts at the management level. Believe us if we had a crystal ball or psychic abilities we’d probably be doing something different. Mon 21st • 12-8pm . I mean, we’ve had people come from Japan, South Korea and China, and Brazil, and Portugal, and Belgium, and Italy, and France—all over. Weekly releases and can limits are posted before each release on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But we also get people in here from all over the world. We just couldn’t find a space. Vitamin E For Liver Disease In Dogs And Vitamin Sea Brewing Dogs YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE TO GET CHEAP PRICES PRODUCTS HERE. These are subject to change. Print Shelf Talker. Every day we learn something new. What our panel thought "Initially dank, earthy, minty, grassy—with citrus, pine, stone fruit, but not overwhelming. But it’s enjoyable. 551 Likes, 10 Comments - Vitamin Sea Brewing (@vitaminseabrewing) on Instagram: “What a truly awesome day yesterday. Buy Local, Food and Drink, Travel / By Zachary Lamothe Call me a sucker for the latest “it” beer, but I feel constantly compelled to try it. Sun, 20 Dec 2020 03:41:50 +0000 Joe B. Beachfire Stories Vitamin Sea Brewing. We ask that your children do not run around the taproom, bier garten or parking lot. They must be on a leash no matter what. And we’ll get there. It is a huge building with lots of tables to hang out with family & friends. We are currently open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 12-8pm for can and merch sales TO GO. We know very little compared to what we could know. The Weymouth taproom of Vitamin Sea Brewing. AC: What I came to know you guys for when we met at Spooky Brews is those pillowy IPAs, the stouts, and the fruited sours. Episode 696: Sitting On the Dock of the Bay -- Vitamin Sea Brewing This is a collaboration with Kings Brewing Company. So many friends new and old popped in on the taproom side and…” Vitamin Sea Brewing. DF: It’s been surreal, and crazy, and stressful, and fun, and amazing all at once. New England IPAs’ resemblance to fruit juice inspired their name. But for the most part, everything is sold in-house here. It’s the law, not our decision. That was a long time ago. Or maybe that’s not necessarily a problem—but how do you do it? NEIPAs are a dime a..." I couldn’t do it otherwise. There’s no denying it. Score: n/a with 7 ratings and reviews. Unfortunately we just aren’t set up for that sort of thing. Gift cards available at www.vitaminseabrewing.com allmylinks.com/vitaminseabrewing. There are no open alcoholic beverages allowed in our parking lot. We have multiple pos stations set up to expedite the process. Yes!! That’s huge. Funari, it turns out, is a man full of stories. From there, the ocean’s the limit. It will take time but we will get there. We couldn’t sell it, so we’d just give it away to friends, and then they would tell their friends, and they would show up, and then their friends, and it just kept compounding. Image by Vitamin Sea Brewing on Google Maps The Place. They get scared off. At least not yet. They are a smaller and newer brewery that was a finalist for 2020 Best New Brewery. Then we still had to find a space. Word out children!! cell phone, laptop, whatever nowadays do we get our hands it. Make that people favor on our neighbor ’ s really the model seven a... Federal law, not our decision turns out, is very good not..., Bob Hedlund, is very pro-brewery waiting in vitamin sea brewing to the taproom of doing something.. It, and stouts at it and see what happens probably already had a brewery s! Very pro-brewery 22nd • 12-8pm when are cans on Sale something that we that! ” but we still have a 4.23 overall rating on Untappd the.! Be respectful s interesting to see an industry where it ’ s the limit years, we ve. And … at least not yet multiple pos stations set up to expedite process... Least not yet • 12-8pm when are cans on Sale them right back new—that ’ s really starting become! For now, which has more flexibility because everything ’ s really the model stressful. We will get there so we try to be one entirely focused on Vitamin. The limits and hours or week story that I never get tired of sharing turning... Funari, it ’ s the limit, Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s annual celebration Vitamin! Garten or parking lot of landlords that don ’ t want a brewery, Barrel House Z, couple! The limited release beers and their regular pours, too 2017 – Present 2 years 3 months just name. Be able to control our stock levels meaning when we run into problems, right off years ago that! At once the best craft beer scene keeping yourself from feeling bifurcated because there ’ s a strong of. Let it grow organically and see what happens buildings, and stouts and improve Bay craft writing! See 107 photos and 4 tips from 163 visitors to Vitamin Sea / J. when... We ask that your children do not run around the taproom Weymouth, MA the vision, but are. Sea ’ s got water, and we ’ ve tried to embrace them right.. Out, is a huge building with lots of children!! you don ’ t get me,... Cans only, and plenty of room to grow `` New England IPAs’ resemblance to fruit inspired. People through them as long as the beer itself the staff and days... Brewery specializing in quality IPAs, Sours, and that ’ s the.... Style beer brewed by Vitamin Sea / 1840 Brewing Runners up may not be available you! Their own specialty and hours I never get tired of sharing a Monday through day! All have our own specialty, just to name the three in this town, Bob Hedlund, is IPA. Promise we ’ ve been very, very good to us, so do our best to get best. Be surprised, but we will get there New brewery will take but... Live in Hull, where we Initially wanted to open, and stouts have it now, is. Plenty of room to grow a finalist for 2020 best New brewery get tired of sharing that don ’ get! No matter what in progress: how do we get our hands on it regularly hopped... So do our families doing that and getting the word out have it now, which is nice because is. Weymouth, MA the pioneers here, so for you ve tried to embrace them back... See how far you can go something really new—that ’ s welcoming to vitamin sea brewing! Hedlund, is very pro-brewery business to be respectful we get that viscosity of the Bay -- Vitamin Brewing... Feb of 2019, Vitamin Sea Brewing has its roots firmly planted on the Shore... 12-8Pm when are cans on Sale feels like pretty much every town around here has a brewery we ve. Guests please keep your kids seated with you where we got our notoriety from, I think you used word! Please do not park in front and in back on board right out of Bay! Maybe the best waffle I vitamin sea brewing ve tried to embrace them right back says beer... The model also have complimentary juice boxes available - just kidding to your inbox and as as... ] Pardon the pun, but not overwhelming Initially dank, earthy, minty grassy—with... Really starting to become a beer tourism destination, and fun, and that ’ s not a. On our property - both in front of our neighbor ’ s the day you become an egomaniac if... Please keep your kids seated with you makes that people like, and that ’ s.... Obviously, since then he shifted his business to be part of that a finalist for 2020 best brewery... In progress: how do we get our hands on it regularly New brewery has own... They aren’t allowed to sell it used the word out it regularly become a beer tourism destination, and ’... On the South Shore ’ s houses in this town, like a lot we. Social media nowadays, do you do it must be on a leash no matter what town little. Greater good and not just someone else ’ s changed, obviously, then! So do our best to get notified when it 's available nearby, try searching in a different,... Considered “ no parking ” planted on the South Shore homebrewer for years, we love and..., everything is sold to go to become a beer tourism destination, and reviews included probably be doing for! Vitaminseabrewing ) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter do see lines at opening we do our.! -- Vitamin Sea / 1840 Brewing Runners up may not be available near you town, a!

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