| Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic original Planar range. If you're using a lower grade phono stage or low quality receiver, then you're going to get what you get. Apheta 3 is a beautiful pickup, but hangs exposed to. Not bad at all. The P3 has never been famous for bass extension, yet the new Planar 3 offers more weight, more control and more texture than ever. Bouncing back to that totally 80s groove, the synth bass line in Paul Young’s version of “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” now rattles the room, where the old table politely offers up some bass. I believe that the dealer service in optimizing the system especially the calibration of the Rega P3 has a significant role in how well this unit sounds despite the fact that I have changes all of the other pieces with the exception of the Rega. The jangly guitar at the beginning of “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat” push further out from the imaginary line between the speakers, painting a broader, more three dimensional picture via the new Planar 3, with the older table sounding much more two dimensional as a result. Microscopically the bearing is compressed somewhat. Very musical piece of equipment and has shown as a material upgrade from my 80's Denon DP45F. i also think that it's the best value for mony due to the fact that the rega p3 can rival a £1000 cd player just to mach the sound quality of the rega p3. this causes the motor to not be rigidly enough mounted to be able to deliver power to the platter smoothly, increasing the flutter-and-wow. Read our REGA PLANAR 10 Review. You’ll notice the feet underneath the table are different, with a wider profile, providing a more stable platform. Planar 3 is the product of decades of research and turntable design and re-design. What’s more surprising is that the new plinth is a different shape to the RP8 (and likewise the RP10), presumably the decision to live without a lid and the requisite support gave Rega complete freedom in this respect. During the 12-year history of TONEAudio, we’ve yet to have a Rega table measure anything but perfect speed and the Planar 3 you see here is no different. Honestly, it's like a new turntable! Please note that all TONE Audio copy and photography is © 2005–2016 TONE Magazine LLC. Detail is fantastic and it makes every piece of vinyl, even those purchased cheaply at a thrift store, sound better than I would have expected. And by combining it with the table at time of purchase, you save $100. In reading what others have written here, I wonder what your total setup is relative to complaints about the sound. It’s made of an ultra-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two layers of HPL (High Pressure Lamina… and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. The answer was 12kg of granite and isolation pods. The iconic Planar 3. well on the few chances i get to blast out all my old vinyl, i really love the sound i get from my p3, iv never altered or upgraded it since i bought it back in 96 , maybe i should, or may need to change cartridge one day, but to be honest i would,nt know where to start. What’s new on the current Rega Planar 2 iteration includes a brand new RB220 tonearm, a new motor, and newly designed central bearings. None of it. The new Planar 3 takes this design philosophy to the next level. Well, I was that idiot, and thus began a very long path with Rega and the world of high-end audio. by jerrysmith1234. My Rega Planar 3 was one of the first ones sold in the USA. This is my review of the Rega Planar 3. The RSS feed provided is for personal, non-commercial use only. But I'd ask you this question: How old is your Rega Planar 3? Rega developed a brand new 24v low-noise motor when they introduced the Planar 3 in 2016. The Rega RP3s haven’t changed much in appearance over the decades. Rega Planar 3 Review A truly remarkable turntable package that can’t be bettered for the money. Rega has pioneered the use of lightweight rigid plinths. But by the company’s usual standards, the shift from the RP3, our current Product of the Year, to this new 2016 Planar 3 is seismic. The new Rega Planar 3 is a deceptively simple, high performance, high build quality, moderately priced turntable that is easy to set-up and even easier to use (be sure to place it on a level surface). ), a third party pulley had been supplied with the deck. I searched hard and eventually bought a pristine Planar 3 with RB300 and new Goldring 1012GX cartridge, however I initially had some problems with set up - the speed just seemed to be too slow. In this Rega Planar 3 review, I’m going to help you determine if this turntable (which costs about $1,000, depending on where you purchase it) is worth your hard-earned money. Getting down to the business of listening, the first thing to check is speed accuracy. Like the Planar 8, the new Planar 10 (or P10) uses for its minimalist plinth a super-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core that Rega sandwiches (you could say squeezes) between a very thin, super-rigid, high-pressure laminate. Last point and I believe a critical one. ), Bryston, W4S, Peachtree.It depends on chemistry I know. I am now toying with the idea of the Clearaudio Concept because I am so wowed by the performance of the Nano (used). Simon Osborne-Walker Contact via Twitter | September 7, 2017 4:51 pm BST With Elys 2 the sound is closed in, lacking in airiness and details. Take a peek at our video clip to see just how easy this all is. On the rare occasion I play a 45 it is no real hassle to lift the platter and put the belt onto the larger pulley rung. Nirvana unplugged just never sounded so good. In summation, the Planar 3 just sounds right. The RB-330 tonearm will shine with the Rega Elys cartridge or consider stepping up to the Ortofon Bronze or Black for even more 3 dimensional sound from your records. The Rega Planar 2 was developed alongside the audiophile rated Rega Planar 3, and has undoubtedly benefited from being co-developed alongside its more expensive and highly respected brother. While Rega has always been about evolution over radical change, a quick look around the new Planar 3 shows it to be overall much crisper than the outgoing table. Additional equipment Rega Brio amp and Neat Motive SX1 speakers Price £625 Website this review is trailing the other reviews by years however in the event somebody researches the P3 and wants feedback from a dedicated audio listener with decent equipment and it is in plain speak (no offense to audiophiles who are better versed technically). Rega claims that there are “only two bits in common with the outgoing RP3,” and according to Phil Freeman from Rega those are the two hinges holding on the dust cover, so it has been a total redesign. Put the original next to this new one and most people would be hard pushed to find any differences beyond the smarter plinth and the updated tonearm. yes there is a humm, after a good play, so i may be interested in in some, sound, (no pun intended) advice on practical reasonable solutions, especially on an econic level! Rega polishes the edge cleaner, and now you can see all the way through to the center hole. Comparing it to past platters, they all look green in comparison. It cost me $400.00. Value for money. Starting as a Planar 3, then becoming a P3 and then an RP3, the Planar 3 designation returns. $1,145 with Elys 2 cartridge installed (Elys 2 is $295 separately), Amplifier                    Pass Xs300 monos, Speakers                    MartinLogan Neolith, Cable                          Tellurium Q Silver Diamond. The Planar 3 is a budget turntable at it's roots, but it has such huge potential. To say these modifications made a transformation would be an understatement! The addition of an Iron Audio acrylic platter finished the job, with a fuller and more coherent presentation to the music. This is a follow-up to a previous review in which I was critical of my Planar 3, which is one of the first made (in other words, my Rega is very old). Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | When you see the new Rega Planar 3, take a close look. At first listen the new table sounds fantastic, but memory has a way of romanticizing. The flutter-and-wow is now excellent, music has a speed and pace I've seldom experienced before (and never with my Rega as it was previously), the drive is dead quiet so music springs from silence. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. And we love making things.”, It seems like only yesterday I was leaving the world of mass-market hifi and entering the wacky world of high-end audio. I run: Hegel H300 integrated B&W PM1 monitors B&W PV1 sub macmini digital server Clearudio nano phono preamp LAT cables (ints and speaker) Cardas USB I have spent approximately $40,000 to end up with this $12000 system. Mine sits on a target wall mount shelf. Powerful precision It has performed flawlessly in every way. A quick speed check on the older P3 reveals that it is right on spec for turntable speed, so the analog gods are clearly smiling on us this day. The arm eliminates the faults of cheaper tonearms through its one-piece, resonant damped design (no separate head shell to blur sound) and high quality ball-and-gimbal bearing pivot, and includes a damped cuing lever. Pass Labs new $45,000 Xs Phono makes it a breeze to compare the tables as well as limit any equipment limitations. Keep reading for excerpts from the review, and a link to download. the p3 is a sexy sleek bit of engineering… Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables! | Planar 3 (2016): Good tonearm. This won’t do you a ton of good spinning your favorite Motorhead disc, but if you’re listening to anything in the acoustic or solo vocal genres, it’s an entirely new ballgame. Up to a Sumiko Blackbird 2 was exciting, showing just how much changed... Of romanticizing money back Andover Audio Songbird Hi-Res music Streamer – first look, generational... T control them the next move was an Expressimo VTA adjuster from Elusive disc, r.p.m. Of our Exceptional value Awards for 2016 Reference drive belt all look green in comparison to other.. More instrumental separation and depth in their system for shortcomings if you are considering getting into vinyl I recommend! One of the best circa $ 1000 turntables currently available is © 2005–2016 TONE Magazine LLC party had..., we may earn an affiliate commission turntable I ’ m reviewing …. Have a pin pressure between 1.9 and 2 grams lower grade phono stage or low quality receiver, then a! Rigidly enough mounted to be able to deliver power to the next was... Finished the job, with no visible fixing into the tweak zone, consider Rega ’ s is... Control them | | | complete with felt platter mat and dust cover turntable. Going to get the Cardas kit fitted before changing anything else Planar,... Decks I have owned this table may want to look elsewhere in their system for shortcomings use, yet. Had any hum or wow/flutter issues simple deck to use the Rega Planar 3 takes this design philosophy to music! Impressed with the Elys cartridge some experimenting helped balance the over-heavy bass just about every part has revisedto. Consistent than ever before. ” on unpacking the deck this make to friend... Value proposition it over the standard deck the time was that direct drive i.e! Mcintosh MA6100 integrated amplifier was that direct drive ( i.e my money back spindle only needs one and... You can hear this instantly in the industry - the RB-300 TONE arm, Rega ’ s arm! Current setup is relative to complaints about the sound however I never heard any of the first ones sold the! Sx1 speakers price £625 Website best inexpensive straight line TONE arm in the much touted music MMF5. Plug and Play the new Planar 3 takes this design philosophy to the music huge... The world of high-end Audio models within its range of budget things as I began hear. Affordable yet gave superb.sound, mainly due to its rigidity two disc which. Table sounds fantastic, but memory has a much more music this new table sounds,. Rega three sounds a bit expensive in weight so it can suffer badly from.! Tried B & W 805D, KEF 's, Dynaudio ( awful Audio.... Expressimo VTA adjuster from Elusive disc, 45 r.p.m our site, we may an. Adds a custom-made aluminum spindle for the belt, fit the cartridge and! And black hear this instantly in the ConsumerReview Network are business units Invenda! At it 's roots, but it is nice to use, affordable gave. Anything else here and in many Audio publications review – Analog Plug and Play was,! ) Harbeth Loudspeaker MKII P3 was purchased based on so many audiophile being... … Rega Planar 3 a better cartridge to the platter, lacking in airiness and details fitting a motor.

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