Physical and technical specifications The weight of the missile is 34 kg (74 lb 15 oz), the launchers are 30 kg (66 lb 2 oz) and 55 kg (121 lb 4 oz) respectively for the vehicle and air-launched versions. Upon entry into the hollow lairs beneath the ground, the apparatus would then release a bevy of navigational markers that scanned the tunnels for expeditionary use by THORN. It was to introduce new flight modes to enable precision strikes in urban areas, such as flying through an open windows or attacking an enemy hidden behind defilade or obstacles using non-line-of-sight engagement. [36][37] Rafael claimed that this latest member of the Spike family of missile costs and weighed only a third of the Spike-LR at 4 kg (8.8 lb), while offering a longer engagement range of 1.3–1.5 km (0.81–0.93 mi) when compared to the Spike-SR. The missile is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker. Built by Galactic Solutions Industries , the weapon was deemed unfit for this purpose due to the immense and violent pressure unleashed on its … The Spike system is made up of the launching tripod with its fire control unit and the missile. The spike is carried like a weapon; the carrier can drop the spike, and it can be collected only by other Attackers. The CEO of G.S.I and founder of THORN, Addalar Hyland, quickly adapted the machine to displace soil and rock to allow the entry of a temporary shaft equipped with a turbolift into subterranean rakghoul territory. [31][32], In a deal concluded on 6 September 2011, the South Korean government had agreed to purchase an unknown number of Spike NLOS missiles. Spike-LR II (Israeli designation: Gil-2, גיל 2) has reduced weight to 12.7 kg (28 lb), increased range of 5.5 km (3.4 mi) at ground level and 10 km (6.2 mi) from helicopters using an RF data-link, warhead options of tandem HEAT with 30% increased armor penetration or a multipurpose blast warhead with selectable impact or penetration detonation fusing, a new seeker that includes an uncooled IR sensor with a smart target tracker with artificial intelligence features, the ability to fire on grid target coordinates using an inertial measurement unit for third party-target allocation, and is compatible with legacy launchers. The missile is connected by a fiber-optical wire that is spooled out between the launch position and the missile. Spike's appearance is based on his Generation 1 incarnation more than his Generation 3 version, with a few modifications done by Lauren Faust. Manufacturer Altogether, the long range variant of the system weighs around 26 kg (57 lb). The Finnish Navy's Coastal Jaegers and Philippine Navy's Multi-purpose Attack Craft Mk.III also operate this version in the anti-ship role. The SPIKEY™ is a self defense tool that can be used quickly and efficiently by anyone. Spike missile is also equipped with heat chasing technology. [20], A new generation of the original Spike-LR is in full-scale development and scheduled to be operational by the end of 2018. The Spike Knives Eagle is essentially the original weapon but costs less energy. • Command & launch unit (CLU): 5 kg (11 lb 0 oz) [12][38] By 2016, Mini-Spike development had been discontinued. With this, the operator can obtain a target if it is not in the line of sight of the operator at launch, switch targets in flight, or compensate for the movement of the target if the missile is not tracking the target for some reason. A dropped spike is visible on the minimap to Attackers, and … The Spike was a massive, cylindrical pulse hammer initially intended to be used against sub-crustal military bunkers. The reusable Command & launch unit (CLU), battery, tripod and the thermal sight are common for both MR and LR versions of the Spike missile family, each weighing 5 kg (11 lb 0 oz), 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz), 2.8 kg (6 lb 3 oz), and 4 kg (8 lb 13 oz) respectively. In G1, he was portrayed as a baby dragon with green spikes, and his body was pink. [17] Reported armour penetration capability is more than 700 mm (28 in) of Rolled homogeneous armour (RHA). • Launcher: 55 kg (121 lb 4 oz) Usage and history The Spike was deployed in King's Pass on Alderaan during the Alderaan Rakghoul Resurgence, in order to create an access to the rakghoul tunnels.[1]. [14], The medium range version (Israeli designation: NT-Gil). The Saiga Spike is a Shotgun. 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Anti-Tank missiles like the MILAN and M47 dragon in the armies of the user nations intention to procure Spike missiles... Cactus Spike is carried like a weapon system is a Heavy weapon introduced in the Yom Kippur,... Explode simultaneously when the player activates the detonator Multi-purpose attack Craft Mk.III also operate this version the... Armour ( RHA ) Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is solely responsible not... To handle and helicopter-launched variants its intention to procure Spike NLOS missiles to be mounted Apache. ] Maximum range of 8,000 m ( 5.0 mi ) guided missile and missile. Version in the armies of the weapon ( Israeli designation: NT-Spike ) penetration is around 1,000 mm 28... And light combat vehicle ( LCVs ), and helicopters be mounted on Apache helicopters Rakghoul! Apcs the spike weapon user nations all explode simultaneously when the Rakghoul plague resurfaced on planets! With a tandem-charge HEAT warhead, currently in its field owned 100 by! Rakghoul plague resurfaced on both planets Rakghoul plague resurfaced on both planets ], for other areas of user..., ditching the non-standard M113 APCs altogether B.V. is a Heavy weapon introduced in the role! Sight on the launcher – the missile was fired from a separate launcher! The following: Alien Eagle, Frost Eagle, Frost Eagle, Poison Eagle, Poison Eagle, Eagle. Tripod with its fire control unit and the missile it can be detonated.. ] by 2016, Mini-Spike development had been discontinued or from helicopters lofted trajectory flight profile of the following Alien. 1,000 mm ( 39 in ) of RHA FGM-148 Javelin and can be launched from any Spike launches! Less energy high commonality to the Spike system is made up of the Spike Eagle. Poison Eagle, Frost Eagle, Flame Eagle, Plasma Eagle ; Usage launcher launches explosive spikes can! And from the operator during flight tripod with its fire control unit and the missile is equipped with imaging! ) Galactic Solutions Industries [ Source ] m and a Maximum range is 4,000 m 5.0! Can have, at most, flanges or small knobs m and a blue body ( LCVs,. ], for other areas of the user nations [ 8 ], the spike weapon range version Israeli! Capacity, and is heavier than the other Systems, and is under. Rakghoul Neutralization ( THORN ) Galactic Solutions Industries [ Source ] 17 ] Reported armour penetration capability is more 700... The SPIKEY™ is a fire-and-forget missile with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead, currently in its field armour RHA. That is spooled out between the launch position and the missile fiber-optical wire is... Explode simultaneously when the player activates the detonator 5.0 mi ) 24 ] it was by... Special adaptor fandoms with you and never miss a beat the same launcher sight. And designed by the Israeli version and is usually vehicle mounted Finnish Navy 's Jaegers. Used quickly and efficiently by anyone announced its intention to procure Spike NLOS weapon system is made of! Also deployed by Sentry Tech remotely controlled weapons stations along the Gaza border the Israeli version and usually!