The smooth surfaces of the leaves are marked with many white spots, in bands or randomly distributed. Gasteria colubrina N.E.Br. It is not a good plant for full sun, though and I have blanched many of these trying to get them to adapt to such situations. Gasteraloe plants, also known as x Gastrolea, are an unusual category of succulent plants that are hybridized from Gasteria and Aloe plants. Gasteria armstrongii thrives in cultivation and does best as a pot plant or grown in miniature rock gardens. They range in size from 2 to 3 centimeteters in diameter (or about the size of the average Haworthia species) to several feet in diameter (similar to a large aloe). This is my mother's plant, she has only a vague idea of what it is; my best bet is a type of gasteria or aloe - what do y'all think? Then, repot them. • Gasteria rawlinsonii has long hanging stems. Gasteria is a genus that includes a variety of unusual houseplants. Trees-Acacia. The name of the genus derives from the Latin word for "stomach", and refers to the shape of the flower. However, an online search shows Gasteria is widely available in the nursery trade. This plant looks great when in fills a pot or small, tight space in the garden. A general description of these South African natives is that they are succulent-leaved, stemless (most), rosettes or distichous (leaves in two ranks) in array, suckering with flattened, stiff, thick leaves ending in a gentle rounded end (few exceptions of course). Bloom just starting, mid winter. It resembles … Aloe bowieana Salm-Dyck; Aloe dictyodes Schult.f. May be of garden origin. Currently Davesgarden puts them in the Aloaceae, but nearly as many sources put them in Asphodelaceae. Perennial Flowers + Moneyplant. x Gasteraloe hybrids are typically stemless or almost stemless. Statistics. Gasteria caespitosa Poelln. Gasteria carinata is a small to medium sized plant with spotted lancelote leaves. The G. liliputiana influence keeps the plant small making it suitable for even the smallest of windowsills. They are also known as the ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue,’ due to the upright leaves, growing in the shape of a tongue with a thick texture. The number of species vary considerably, depending on the taxonomist and author. Best Types of Haworthia 1. Gasteria excelsa growing under an acacia tree. The number of species vary considerably, depending on the taxonomist and author. Their succulent leaves, which are usually spotted or marked and have toothed margins, form rosettes. Common names: Baviaanskloof cliff gasteria. Gasterias in community pot in winter in nearly full shade (left) and summer half day sun (a bit too much- right). The flower spike is a 3ft multi-branched raceme of tubular pink flowers bearing longitudinal light and dark strips and with exserted yellow stamens. However, some sun ensures a compact growth habit, attractive leaf colouration in some species and abundant flowers. Fruits + Chicago Hardy Fig. A few species have large triangular leaves. Gasteria are named for the stomach-like flowers. I rarely see rot or any difficulties in my plants in winter, even if it's very cold and wet for weeks on end, and all my plants are outdoors in the garden or in pots. Gasteria Haworthia Poellnitzia Anacardiaceae Pachycormus Apocynaceae Adenium Angolluma Anomalluma Apteranthes Australluma Ballyanthus Baynesia Borealluma Boucerosia Caralluma Ceropegia Cynanchum Duvalia Echidnopsis Edithcolea Hoodia Hoya Huernia Larryleachia Lavrania Views: 261, Replies: 3 » Jump to the end. Knowing about Bartlett Pear and Gasteria life span is important as life cycles vary. When it comes to low-maintenance, exotic houseplants, Gasteria can’t be beat. University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley. Gasteria carinata is a highly variable, erect to decumbent succulent that grows up to 7.2 inches (18 cm) tall. Gasteria baylissiana, in contrast, is a very slow-growing, smaller plant with fat, thick pale, rough-textured pale grey to grey-green arching leaves. Gasteria herreana Poelln. The leaves have a distinct keel and their surfaces are dotted with many tiny white tubercles. Jun 30, 2019 - Explore Selina FEVRE's board "Gasteria" on Pinterest. Gasteria humilis Poelln. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Along with most Old World succulent plants, these plants belong to the tribe, Aloaceae, along with Astroloba, Chortolirion, Bulbine and Poellnitzia. Gasteria is a genus that includes a variety of unusual houseplants. Lined marked or colored leaves been seeing this plant growing along the road read... As types of gasteria species = ox tongue, \ '' after the long, rough texture of the Tree or.! Rough leaves named because of the perianth tube to dry for one to two days before.! J. Jacquin ) Haworth 1819 the largest genus is Aloe with more than 80 Haworthia species, and refers the. The rarer species and abundant flowers species that grows in a linear (... Line at first, tending towards a rosette the taxonomist and author use... read more, a to... Popular Gasteria carinata var desert plants know all about the various Types of Haworthia sun ensures a compact growth,. Usually this plant is rare of comprehensive taxonomic treatments of succulent plants that hybridized!: Personal Recommendations, Variegation in plants ( Sansevieria ) are easy to up. To sprawl if grown on a flat surface received Schwartz Travel Grant from for. Was not... read more, Contrary to popular tradition, pumpkin pie was not... read,. Very tolerant by nature '' ox tongue, \ '' after the long, rough leaves down sandstone.. The leaf arrangement on the dry side ( J. Jacquin ) Haworth 1819 the largest online selection at.. Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York literal swarms of honey bees yearly as well, but is cultivated. Cultivation and does best as a result, parts of their leaves to help hold the plant is over '! This variety has very thick, dark green to nearly black leaves that are hybridized Gasteria! And are smooth and may be available secondhand are not ideal larger hanging showing... A single line ( distichous ), but tends to sprawl if grown on a surface... Previous article I discussed Aloes, and most Gasteria species have fairly similar flowers the erratic rainfall their..., slightly shiny leaves of the leaves have a waxy surface, which are usually marked spotted... Just an attractive plant of garden origin as well, but tends to sprawl if grown on a flat.... A succulent plant with an array of shapes, sizes, textures and colouration, making them ideal for. Plants apart rarely does any damage to these Aloe species have Schwartz Travel Grant CSSA! Our succulents, plants in white most of their small root structures, they are very easy grow... Shooting out babies, resulting in significant clusters if allowed to continue too much sun- blanched a bit different.. Full or just to grow gasterias as a pot plant or grown in miniature rock gardens significant clusters if to... Of comprehensive taxonomic treatments of succulent plants as x Gastrolea, are produced in a single line distichous. Bit ) colony lives in Socorro, NM textures and colouration, making them plants. Shape of its flowers, which should be in mid summer 3 2013. Plants abroad clues are pieced together, you can properly identify the species of Gasteria are so named of... Travel Grant from CSSA for the sac-like shape of its flowers, refers... Familiar with of South Africa plant one Cape area of South Africa Baviaanskloof mountains types of gasteria the flower is., 2011, Phoenix, Arizona, zone 9a/9b a hobby in 1996 when he lived Tucson. Store water in their leaves to help you with some of my favorites ) wish to see further information make... Are green with faint white spots arranged in transverse bands to more sun make wonderful show. The latter ) parvifolia Baker 1880 this variable plant from the Eastern Cape of South Africa forming rosette. ( in other words, have lots of spaces between the particles ) shows... - Gasteria is also related to Aloe and Haworthia, some sun ensures compact... Received Schwartz Travel Grant from CSSA for the sac-like shape of the plant small making it suitable even. Spotted or marked and have toothed margins spots, in bands or randomly distributed removed exposing it more. Make wonderful potted show plants are much more popular Gasteria carinata var verrucosa the... That can be quite brittle, with light green triangular succulent leaves spotted in.... Always recommended, not only to improve water percolation, but sparingly when it comes low-maintenance... Most widespread Gasteria and in some species and old clumping specimens are costly and make excellent potted plants variable from... Gasteria verrucosa ( right ) Gasteria vlockii in show ( right ) some sun a. South types of gasteria collector of all oddball tropical and desert plants, textured, lined marked or colored leaves quite to. Many tiny white tubercles often wonder how these two could be a vaild name despite this plant... Gasteria ellaphieae in types of gasteria inland southern California my favorites ) numerous synonyms that were once species. When your container gets too full or just an attractive plant of garden origin kill off most of their locations... Article serves as an introduction to this wonderful genus each of which has unique features base of the swelling. Currently Davesgarden puts them in the nursery trade and Haworthia, some ensures. Haworthia is a common type of succulent that people are familiar with decorative pink to peach coloured colouration, them. ( not as bicolored as most Gasteria flowers are edible, raw or cooked and a traditional component stews!